The formal references in this website are included in the section below, but a wealth of the content has been formed from a combination of my own undergraduate notes and content shared with me from a former colleague (almost all of the aircraft performance section has been developed from his content) - Dr Doug Greenwell. Doug is the Chief Aerodynamicist at the Aircraft Research Association, where I used to work - I sought his guidance on all things, and we worked together heavily in data analysis for fault investigation. He kindly shared his own material from his former role at City University, and I’ve adapted it with his permission.

Thanks, Doug - I couldn’t have done any of this without your help.

For the linearisation and flight dynamics sections, a wealth of material has been developed from Dr. Douglas Thomson’s material which I have from my own undergradate studies. He helpfully provided me with his source material when I started teaching at IIT. Thanks, Dougie.

Some of my worked examples have been inspired those originally from Dr. Stewart Houston who taught me Flight Mechanics and Rotorcraft Aeromechanics during my undergraduate studies, and served as an ongoing casual adviaor during my PhD. Cheers, Stewart.